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This is not a guide to make everything better.

A guidebook would focus on a predetermined course, thereby disregarding anything else. However the challenges of software development are complex as life itself, often subject to unpredictable changes.

As complex as life itself? Well, let us proceed in the same manner as medicine does: We simply list all diseases along with their treatments and remedies. As if! Some "diseases" are vital to life, as for instance enterobacteria. Numerous diseases are identified indirectly by excepting others that have the same appearance. And against the most common — the viral cold — there is no remedy at all.

That does not work out. The subject is elusive. But I can reveal one thing yet: Because we are human, we want to create things. It feels good to produce a piece of work, to plant a tree or to have children. More, we want to do things well. It is our very nature.

We humans learn less from success, more from failure. That is our nature, too.

Now that we address the subject, do not be surprised that the focus is more on how things can be done wrong, less on how to do it right. That way you see necessary actions most clearly. We want to hit the nail on the head, to learn without detour. And motivation to learn is simply presumed — because it is our nature.

About Quality

About Quality

  What is quality?  
  How can we measure quality?  
  McCabe and his blind followers  
  When is more quality worth while?  
  What is to be done after all?  

Quality in practice (examples)

Quality in practice (Examples)

  Working with a database  
  Error handling  
  Modularization and interfaces  
  Case study: A mail server  
  Case study: A garden bench  

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