Artur Södler

Deep software analysis Big warehouses, ambitious challenges. How can I access my office from the internet? (Wildberg Manor: from Wikipedia)

Software Quality

Quality starts with the beginning —
in the minds of manufacturers.

Modern business management rates manufacturing of software mostly by short-term economic aims. We show when and wherefore quality is worth while. Company-internal structures like employee work appraisal systems are often key influences.

We visit your company and help your employees to rediscover the joy at diligence. Code Reviews reveal current possibilities to enforce quality. Personal trainigs provide certainty in selected topics. If required, entire software packages are reorganized smoothly.


Mastering a Warehouse

Big warehouses, ambitious challenges.

When tens of thousands of orders have to be shipped, neither Excel nor any random stock management software will do. You need a tough tool to coordinate the data flood and track the work, without raising every special case to an incident.

Terminals receive up-to-date orders and stock informations via wireless. Receiving goods, the suppliers' bar codes are directly converted into book stock.

Where 70.000 data telegrams a day are exchanged with subsystems moving pallets weighing tons, we constantly tune the software.


TCP/IP Redirection

Help must arrive. Quickly.

When ISDN dial-in nodes ate too viscous, when big internet providers like the Deutsche Telekom fail to provide a stable VPN connection, then there is a demand for alternatives.

Out of necessity, a tool was made: In order to help using remote access, both sides need nothing but a standard internet access.

Customer and supporter both set up a stable connection to the internet. The two connections are connected to each other.

Needless to say separate services are protected by separate passwords.


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