Artur Södler


Artur Södler

Artur Södler
Training in Software Quality
Software Development Training
Development of Soft- and Hardware
Consulting and Hotline for the Warehouse Management System PRAMAG®

Up to now: operating system and editor for ITT3030; programming language OMIKRON.Basic (Atari) • OMIKRON.Basic compiler • tool collection "Mortimer" • trainings for Turbo Pascal and OOP • academic degree in communications engineering • ISDN telephone system • warehouse management system (engineering office Diener) • diagnostics software for Mercedes-Benz • warehouse management system (Wanko company) • operating systems for wireless terminals • database interfaces • qualification for vocational and work-related education (IHK certified; "AdA") • translation tools • interpreter and compiler for wireless terminals • full training of two apprentices • TCP/IP redirection • mail server • oracle tools and interfaces • editor for multilanguage source codes • simulations of materials handling equipment • intralogistics consulting

Current reference (2002 up to now):   PAPSTAR GmbH  

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