Artur Södler Software-Qualität

Warehouse Management


Our enineering office is consulting and supporting in all aspects of the warehouse management system Wanko PRAMAG®. We design concepts and care for a sound development of the software in close collaboration with the Wanko Informationslogistik GmbH.

The enterprise is managed sustainably. We leave slogans like "Our Enterprise is one of the Leading... technology oriented... innovative top product... etc." to New Economy companies, that need this image for an overrated stock market price.

We design interfaces operating from today to beyond the horizon. A good concept pays off after years, when everything inescapably fits as if by magic, and everybody is wondering why.

From time to time the supporting techniques are beyond belief in terms of a stock management system. Multithreading, compiler construction theory, distributed transactions, data replication and TCP redirection are good examples of the variety of our engineering art.

Artur Södler Software Qualität