Artur Södler Software-Qualität


The History:

In times of Windows 95 und NT, we used a tool named pcAnywhere to remote control the customers' systems through an ISDN connection. It increasingly showed incompatibilities with other software packages and crashed from time to time.

When DSL flat rates emerged and the remote control software VNC was available, only one step was missing: How do we connect to our customers through TCP/IP? Basically a simple task if it weren't for numerous safety concerns of IT departments: We cannot open our router to connections from outside — that makes us vulnerable!

The alternative was to set up sort of a "telephone network" for tunneled TCP/IP connections. The customer only has to set up an outbound connection. As with a VPN, other inbound connections are set up through the outbound one. All inbound connections are individually authorized by the customer.

The Product:

A detailed description, alphabetic and methodic reference and downloads are available   here  externer Link   in german language.

Artur Södler Software Qualität