Artur Södler Software-Qualität

A Garden Bench as Project Example

Step 1: Actual Analysis

Light into the livung room: get rid of the thuja.

The low garden fence with a low garden gate was a building restraint in 1972, when the working-class quarter was built. Similar to most other contemporary estates, this one has also grown sight-proof hedges. But because the low garden gate was not sight-proof at all, the previous owner implanted a thuja in front of it.

Now the garden fence is enlarged corresponding to contemporary estates, the thuja could be removed. The stump remains with adequate length to enable a landscape gardener to apply a good lever.

The stump looks better with a flower pot on top of it. And it looks just marvelous with a small garden bench:

This is what the bench shall look like.

And what has all this got to do with quality?

Have a close look: the garden bench is built up modularly, by five seats in two shapes (with and without legs). It is built of low price battens of solely one thickness. A single seat of this construction would easily tilt backward, but the whole suite is stable.

The model could be tested visually in the CAD presentation. That way there was no need to build the whole bench just to find out more (or less) edges would have looked better.

The construction is recorded in a CAD file. The CAD system can for instance provide the seat length at the shortest and at the longest position.

The lengths and angles of all battens can be read exactly for production, all parts fit exactly. Let us go to the production.

This garden bench is not olny supposed to be solid when sitting on it, but also impress the eye of the beholder, decorate the stump and last but not least be comfortable. To meet all these objectives (= quality) needs planning and research. Which backrest angle is most comfortable? Which seat length does a person expect at least and for a maximum? Wich seat height is comfortable? And can we still see the flower pot?

The software must keep up with the construction of the bench: Only the perspective view of the bench (near = large, far = small) makes the bench look "vivid" and the impression in the CAD system is more fit to estimate the aspect of the final garden bench.

Artur Södler Software Qualität